Waste Storage Building for Hospital Contractor

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  • Building

    L-Series waste storage building

  • Width


  • Length


  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Thermo Roof System


The requirement for a waste storage building was from one of the UK’s largest independent waste management companies. They had been commissioned to provide a hospital waste management service on site at a North East London University Hospital. The building needed to be suitable for the sorting, separating and disposing of the hospital waste. As there were other facilities at other hospitals in the pipeline, the ability to relocate the building to another site if needed was a preferred option.


Although the client was considering a permanent building solution, they opted for a temporary building because of the fast, cost-effective and demountable nature. Other temporary building suppliers were also considered, but HTS INDUSTRIAL were chosen because they are the manufacturer and offer high value in terms of customer service and product quality. The final building specification was:

  • 10.00m x 20.00m insulated waste storage building
  • 5.00m eave height
  • Three roller shutter doors
  • Insulated composite steel wall panels
  • Thermo insulated PVC roof
  • External guttering and down pipes

Due to it being a hospital site the building needed to be installed under strict health and safety procedures as well as within a very tight space. Despite the challenges the waste storage building was installed and ready for use within a week.


The waste management company were able to provide a quick, cost-effective service to the hospital that did not compromise on quality or durability, but could offer the opportunity of relocation in the future.