Portable Temporary Buildings Quickly Increase On-site Capacity

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  • Building

    L-Series Thermo Temporary Warehouse and Loading Canopy

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  • Roof Type

    Thermo Roof System


International automotive manufacturing group recently discovered the benefits of using portable temporary buildings when an unforeseen increase in on-site capacity was required.  The client was the UK subsidiary of the group specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of interior and acoustic components to the automotive industry. They are a Tier 1 supplier to their customers, supplying directly to their assembly line where the cars that you see in the showrooms are put together.

When a need to increase on-site capacity arose our client began looking at ways to quickly increase space other than investing in a permanent building.


The client chose HTS for their portable temporary buildings solution because they were keen to buy direct from the manufacturer and were also taken to see an example building at one of HTS’s show sites.

  • 30.00m x 45.00m insulated warehouse building with a 5.20m eave height
  • 30.00m x 10.00m warehouse canopy
  • 3 x personnel door units, 2 x roller shutter door units
  • Thermo insulated roof system
  • Robust corrugated steel cladding system
  • Bespoke gable end to line up with existing building
  • Installed in 8 days


By choosing portable buildings from HTS the client was able to get the additional temporary storage in the fast turnaround time needed. Using HTS’s design and manufacturing capabilities the building was constructed with a bespoke warehouse canopy to provide covered storage and loading space.

Other benefits included:

  • Additional storage and warehousing can now be kept on-site as opposed to leasing a second site.
  • The building was installed and operational in the required short lead time.
  • The installation cost significantly less than a permanent building and took a fraction of the time to build.