Customised prefabricated industrial buildings for fresh food manufacturer

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  • Building

    L-Series customised temporary buildings

  • Width

    15.00m & 13.00m

  • Length

    22.00m & 28.50m

  • Eave Height

    5.20m & 7.20m

  • Roof Type

    Thermo Insulated

Requirement for prefabricated industrial buildings

Established since 1994, the client is a leading manufacturer of fresh convenience foods employing more than 900 people and operating from three manufacturing plants. They supply a wide range of pre-prepared salads to all the major supermarkets and restaurants. Ongoing demand and growth meant they needed additional refridgeration space in the main warehouse. This was achievable but it did mean finding another home for the dry store goods.

HTS Solution

The client looked at permanent buildings as an option but the cost and build time made it unrealistic. Temporary prefabricated buildings however could offer a long-term high quality solution that was fast and affordable. The client considered a few suppliers but most could not meet the bespoke specification; only HTS could manufacture and supply the customised size and installation that was required.

The two buildings installed:

  • 1 x bespoke insulated building 15.00m wide x 22.00m long x 5.20m wall height
  • 1 x bespoke insulated building 13.00m wide x 28.50m long x 7.20m wall height
  • Green insulated wall panels
  • Insulated thermo roof system
  • External gutter system, pedestrian and vehicle access doors
  • Installation time for each building was a week

Not only were the buildings customised but the installations were as well. One structure was installed on a preprepared raised pad two metres off the ground and both were built in relatively tight spaces making machinery access a challenge.

Client Benefit

The client now has two brand new, fully operational storage areas on site. Both prefabricated industrial buildings were designed, manufactured and installed in a matter of weeks to their own precise specification and suitable to use on a permanent basis.