Modular Temporary Buildings – Fully Customised for Printing Company

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  • Building

    L-Series Insulated Modular Temporary Buildings

  • Width

    30.00 & 15.00m

  • Length

    63.00 & 40.00m

  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Thermo Roof System


After being let down by their existing supplier, one of the UK’s leading printing companies turned to HTS INDUSTRIAL for two bespoke modular temporary buildings.

Specialising in brochure, magazine and general commercial printing, the client had an ever increasing order book which meant they needed to increase their on-site manufacturing and storage space. As well as proving unreliable the client wasn’t sure the previous supplier could meet the bespoke requirements of this new project; particularly in relation to uneven ground, tight available space and the installation going over a gas main.


The design and manufacturing capability of HTS INDUSTRIAL including the technically advanced, 64,000m², ISO 9001:2000 certified production centre gave the client the confidence to pass the project over to HTS. 

Using their award winning expertise, the engineering design team created two bespoke temporary modular buildings that would not only eliminate any issues created by ground, space and services, but would also provide the client with a far superior product to their existing temporary buildings.

  • Bespoke Insulated Storage Building – 15.00m x 40.00m, 6.20m wall height
  • 2 speed doors and 4 personnel doors
  • Installed in 2 weeks
  • Bespoke Insulated Workshop Building – 30.00m x 63.00m, 6.20m wall height
  • 3 x speed doors and 3 x personnel doors
  • Installed in 1 week

Both structures were built with a thermo roof and gable system, 40m composite wall panels and external gutters with down pipes.


The client now has a temporary building supplier they can rely on; not only to provide ‘off-the-shelf’ high quality structures, but also completely customised solutions that will maximise the use of all available space.

The two modular temporary buildings have created value from un-used site space and given them the additional storage and workshop areas to meet increased orders. All with minimal cost, delay and hassle.