Temporary Storage Structures Consolidate Storage On Site

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  • Building

    L-Series insulated temporary storage structures

  • Width

    20.00m / 20.00m / 25.00m

  • Length

    105.00m / 20.00m / 20.00m

  • Eave Height

    5.20m / 6.20m / 5.20m

  • Roof Type

    Thermo and single skin PVC roof


The requirement for three temporary storage structures came from a global leader in paper-based packaging. The client was storing much of their cardboard products off-site but were implementing a cost saving strategy of consolidating everything under one roof.


The client had previous experience of temporary storage structures with two existing buildings already on site, from HTS INDUSTRIAL and another provider. As the other provider had let them down in terms of customer service they asked HTS INDUSTRIAL to dismantle the building so they could off-hire it back to the provider and then replace this structure with one of their own, plus an additional two extra buildings.

Building 1

  • Insulated storage structure 20.00m wide x 105.00m long x 5.20m wall height
  • 1 electric roller shutter door, 1 speed door, 10 personnel doors

Building 2

  • Canopy storage structure 20.00m wide x 20.00m long x 6.20m wall height

Building 3

  • Insulated storage structure 25.00m wide x 20.00m long x 5.20m wall height
  • 1 speed door, 2 personnel doors


The buildings have allowed the company to bring the majority of their off-site storage back on-site saving on storage and logistical costs. The temporary storage structures were installed with the canopy structures in-between the two storage buildings ensuring the packaging could be kept undercover at all times during storage, handling and distribution.