Prefab School Building Accommodates Growth in Brickwork Classes

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  • Building

    L Series prefab school building & canopy

  • Width


  • Length

    10.00m / 15.00m

  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Thermo roof


The prefab school building was required by a successful FE College in North East Worcestershire with a strong reputation both locally and nationally.

They offer extensive work-based training, funded by both Government agencies and by some 300 employers. The college was growing fast and started to run out of space for brick work classes so they began looking for a new school building that could provide the additional space quickly. It needed to have an internal classroom/workshop plus an external, but sheltered, area for practical demonstrations. The college wanted to create the kind of atmosphere students would experience in a real life work situation.


After a site survey and discussions with the department on their specific requirements, a representative from HTS INDUSTRIAL recommended they opted for the following prefab school building:

  • 10.00m x 10.00m thermo insulated building for the internal classroom/workshop facility attached to a 15m canopy extension with all sides open for the sheltered external area
  • 2 x manual roller shutter doors
  • Green insulated composite steel walling
  • Thermo insulated PVC roof
  • External guttering and down pipes
  • The L Series school building was installed on an existing prepared concrete surface in under a week


The college got the additional space they needed to their exact specification, within the required budget and quickly enough to ensure the Brickwork lessons were not impacted by the lack of space.

The students can now work in a closed classroom situation or in an external but sheltered space to experience a more true-to-life work situation.