8 Functional and Purposeful Uses for Temporary Buildings

steel roof temporary buildings Temporary buildings have a wide range of uses. If you’ve decided that the time has come to make use of them, you probably already have an idea on how you’re going to use it.

It is worth mentioning that the term ‘temporary building’ can be a little misleading. Although they were designed for short-term use in the past, advancements in materials and technologies mean that they’re more durable and long-standing than ever.

1. Storage Space

If you’re beginning to run low on space to keep all of the things you need, temporary buildings can provide the additional room you’ve been looking for. It doesn’t matter what you need to store as different sizes, temperature controls and more can be incorporated to provide the ideal solution.

This simple resolution is usually cheaper than keeping goods and stock offsite for extended periods of time. It’s also much more convenient given the fact everything you need is still on hand, right on your premises.

2. Workspace

With a bit of luck, your company will grow to the point that your current premises simply aren’t big enough. The downside of this is having to source, pay for and move into a new location. The whole process can be drawn out, long-winded and ultimately expensive.

Having a prefabricated building installed can take away many of the groans associated with acquiring larger work areas. Even large, bespoke structures can be manufactured in around 2 weeks and installed between 10-14 days. In less than a month, you’ll have a purpose-built workspace, suited to your exact requirements.

What’s more, as these products are modular in nature, they’ll grow with you. If you need even more room in the future, you can simply add more on.

3. Open Canopies

If you need a temporary or permanent canopy for showcasing products, inbound or outbound goods or protecting vehicles from the rain, a modular option can provide everything you need without costing too much.

Whether you want to put on demonstrations safe from the weather or show customers what they can buy instore, prefabricated marquees can give you the platform to do just that.

4. Education

You may have never thought about it but many educational facilities use temporary buildings to deliver lessons. Portable structures are used all over the UK, allowing for students and teachers alike to have access to an environment that is highly comparable to any standard classroom.

Thanks to the versatile and accommodating nature of these structures, everything a learning hub would need can be included. This includes electrical wiring, heating, air conditioning and even toilet facilities.

5. Sports Facilities

Temporary buildings are incredibly suited to sporting and leisure environments. Their multi-functionality offers a variety of uses.

From sports halls to viewing areas and changing rooms to canteen and selling stalls, prefabricated structures can offer just about anything.

6. Retail Environments

Need a shop floor or a place to showcase your products? Modular buildings can provide the space you need to show your customers what they could be taking home.

They can sit right next to your current premises too and in some cases can be installed as an extension to your store. You’re ultimately finding more room without paying the costs of bigger grounds. Whether you’re selling clothes, cars, toys, electricals or anything else, you’ll have the ideal setup.

7. Healthcare Facilities

As modular buildings can be constructed to suit specific requirements, they can be useful in healthcare environments. In fact, many hospitals use them when wards or buildings are being updated or changed for some reason.

A clean and hygienic atmosphere can also be arranged and they’ll even allow for quarantine or decontamination purposes. Buildings for such purposes will need to conform to certain standards and regulations so it’s always worth checking with the supplier.

8. Logistics

Distribution and logistics centres looking for extra space can find it with temporary warehouses. They can provide the perfect platform or loading bay to ensure your operations can continue in a streamlined manner.

Again, temperature controls can be integrated for chilled, frozen and ambient climates. Goods are safe from potential danger and you have the necessary room to efficiently carry out tasks.

Infinite Uses

Temporary buildings are applicable for a wide range of applications. There really isn’t a limit to the functions they can accommodate and people the world over and now realising the potential of them.

Their quick installation time, tough nature and ability to withstand the forces of nature for decades make them real alternatives to new premises.

To design your own temporary building why not try our quick and easy to use Configurator Tool here.

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