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Feel free to browse our content and make use of our expert knowledge in areas such as design and build quality, speed and method of installation, planning requirements, pros and cons against other solutions, whether to hire or buy, and much more.

8 Ways Temporary Warehouse Buildings can Help Manufacturers


Temporary warehouse Buildings could start to become a lifeline in a manufacturers’ survival toolbox. How and why can they help manufacturers weather the challenges of the 21st century, including uncertainties with Brexit, GDPR, fickle consumer demand, lack of skilled workers and sometimes inefficient outdated systems? Continue reading

Design your own Modular Temporary Building

You can now design your own modular temporary building using our free, quick and easy to use 3D configurator tool!

One of the many advantages of choosing a modular temporary building for your on-site warehousing or workshop requirements is the simplicity of the design; something that can create huge savings on build time, labour and architectural fees.

HTS have taken this simple design concept to provide a unique interactive 3D building configurator feature on the website for all our customers. Continue reading

Installation Method for Temporary Buildings

One of the most surprising things about temporary buildings is the remarkably fast and easy installation method. And, the fact that this very simple build technique doesn’t have any impact on long-term use or durability.

What is it that facilitates such an easy installation method and are there other benefits derived from this other than fast on-site space? Continue reading

How Strong are Temporary Warehouses?

A misguided perception of temporary warehouses can sometimes be that they are not strong enough for long-term industrial use. Perhaps this is the aluminium ‘tent’ like frame, or the fact they are referred to as temporary, or just misinformation. Whatever leads people to this conclusion, the point is it’s incorrect. Continue reading

Roofing for Temporary Buildings

Modular warehouseThere are various options available to roof a temporary building depending on the level of insulation required. The most common choice is an industrial grade, flame retardant PVC cover. This type of cover can either be single skin for basic cover or a double skinned inflated roof to create better temperature control and minimise condensation. Another option for temporary building roofing is insulated steel composite panels.

Some people can have reservations about PVC roof cover thinking it will not be strong or sufficient enough. This type of cover however has a huge number of benefits and is more than fit for industrial use on a long-term basis. Continue reading

What are Demountable Warehouses?

If you’ve never seen a demountable warehouse you might struggle to visualise it, particularly the demountable bit. Meccano for industry perhaps? That’s actually not a bad description, but the reality of demountable warehouses is something even simpler than a child’s toy, but much more robust, strong and durable.

Continue reading

Hire or Buy a Temporary Building?

Very often when a business wants to use a temporary building they begin the process by considering hire only. After-all, if you’re thinking ‘temporary’, it’s likely you’re thinking ‘hire’. Often though once businesses start to talk to HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings, they realise the better and most cost-effective option is to buy. Continue reading

Building Regulations for Temporary Buildings

Along with Planning Permission, Building Regulations for Temporary Buildings is one of the most common questions asked on this topic.

Essentially though it’s a very simple matter and it all comes down to the structural safety, integrity and strength of a building, primarily in relation to snow and wind loadings. As a business looking to use temporary buildings how do you know what Building Codes the building should be adhering to and why is it so important to make sure you have the strongest and structurally sound building possible? Continue reading

7 Ways Prefabricated Buildings Save Money

prefabricated building with shutter door


Prefabricated temporary buildings have grown themselves a reputation of being able to save a company money when it comes to property area and space. Whether intended as a short or long-term option, businesses can find themselves saving a fair deal of money, some of it even flies under the radar at first.

If you’re thinking about equipping your business with a temporary warehouse, check out these savings that could enhance your bottom line.

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10 Reasons to Use Portable Temporary Buildings

portable temporary building with shelvesThe last 12 months has seen some turmoil for UK businesses with the build up to and result of Brexit. For a period last year the business world seemed to temporarily hold its breath, pausing large decisions and investments and simply waiting to see how the British public would vote.

Hold your breath too long though and you’ll perish, so wisely businesses have started breathing again and pushing ahead regardless of the uncertain commercial (and political) landscape. Continue reading