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Prefabricated Supermarket Buildings

prefabricated supermarket buildings

Up until recently most supermarkets were built as traditional brick and mortar structures. Now, though, many supermarkets have taken on a more modular, prefabricated approach creating many benefits associated with speed, cost and environmental issues.

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Prefabricated Temporary Storage Buildings vs Traditional Properties

storage buildings

Temporary buildings and prefabricated structures are always going to be compared to more traditional buildings and workspaces. Terms like ‘temporary’ and ‘prefabricated’ can often throw up doubts in minds about suitability and functionality.

Are these justified thoughts or unwarranted misconceptions? How do storage buildings, industrial canopies and prefab options differ from the more common brick and mortar approach? Are there any similarities between the types?

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Foundations for a Temporary Building


temporary building foundations If you’re considering what foundations are required for a temporary building you need to first understand what the essential component of that building, ie the frame, is engineered from.

If it’s steel then the weight equals groundworks, additional cost and time. If it’s aluminium then foundations become a much simpler, economical and in most cases an almost non-existent affair. Obviously, this has something to do with the lightweight qualities of the metal, but if they don’t need foundations how are they installed and do the lightweight qualities and alternative construction processes affect strength and durability?

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8 Functional and Purposeful Uses for Temporary Buildings

steel roof temporary buildings Temporary buildings have a wide range of uses. If you’ve decided that the time has come to make use of them, you probably already have an idea on how you’re going to use it.

It is worth mentioning that the term ‘temporary building’ can be a little misleading. Although they were designed for short-term use in the past, advancements in materials and technologies mean that they’re more durable and long-standing than ever.

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6 Reasons to Choose a Temporary Building Manufacturer

temporary buildings by specialist manufacturer With many products you can choose whether to buy direct from the manufacturers or through a third party supplier.  Naturally we at HTS INDUSTRIAL firmly believe clients benefit by choosing the manufacturers, because we are one!  How many of our reasons though are ours and ours alone or shared by other manufacturers and more importantly benefited from by the customers?

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Temporary Buildings in an Instant?

Instant temporary building for fast on-site storage

Many people are now referring to temporary buildings as ‘instant’ or ‘rapid-build’.   Giving them the label of ‘instant temporary buildings’ would probably be stretching the imagination a bit – blink and a car park becomes an industrial warehouse!

However, comparing the supply and build time to that of bricks and mortar and the ‘instant’ title starts to earn its place – after all, being able to accommodate company growth and expansion in a couple of weeks instead of 12 months is probably going to create a fairly instant boost to many business balance sheets.  How long does it actually take though to acquire a fully operational temporary building and can the fast turn-around really help create those ‘instant’ business benefits?
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Storage Buildings for Fast On-Site Industrial Space

storage building tent

Storage buildings for industrial use come in various shapes, sizes and configurations including permanent units for sale or lease, shipping containers, steel prefab buildings or aluminium prefab storage buildings.

Many people refer to the latter as industrial tents as they consider the frame to be similar to a modern clear span marquee. This however is incorrect.

The frame may look like a marquee frame but it’s actually a much bigger profile (thicker). This means it can match the durability of more permanent buildings but also benefit from more flexibility in terms of use and finances.

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Do Temporary Buildings Need Planning Permission?

 temporary building supermarket So, you quite like the idea of temporary buildings for your business. But you’ve just found out you might need planning permission – and suddenly you’re not so sure.

Don’t let the possible planning implications of a temporary building project make you ditch the idea and revert back to off-site leasing or investing in a new build.

After all the thought of losing the time, cost and disruption associated with both options was probably what led you to temporary buildings in the first place.  And these are valid and true reasons. 

So how would planning affect you and your project, would you actually need it and why shouldn’t you let it put you off using temporary buildings?  Continue reading

Demountable Buildings – an Up and Down Summary

installing demountable buildings

If you don’t know much about demountable buildings, imagine an industrial sized flat pack without the headache of self-assembly.

The key advantages that come with household flat pack are ease of transport, reduced cost, speed of build (as long as there are words to go with the images!) and flexibility of use – ie you could dismantle the item and store it if you became short of space.

Demountable industrial buildings tick all the same boxes and in recent years have opened up a whole new world of options to industrial businesses.  Continue reading