Modular Warehouse for a Brewery in Romania

Modular Warehouse for a Brewery in Romania
Modular Warehouse for a Brewery in Romania
Modular Warehouse for a Brewery in Romania
  • Building

    L-Series - Thermo Insulated Modular Warehouse

  • Width


  • Length


  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Thermo Roof System


A leading European brewery approached HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings to design and build two semi-permanent modular warehouse structures to be installed at their main distribution facility.

Due to the nature of the products being stored in these new semi-permanent storage warehouses it was imperative that the products were kept secure and protected from the elements at all times prior to dispatch.


To fulfill the client specification HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings delivered and installed:

  • 2 x L-Series thermo insulated semi-permanent modular warehouses – one 15.00m x 40.00m, on a 6.20m eave and the other 25.00m x 5.00m on a 5.20m eave height.
  • Both warehouses were fully insulated using vertical sandwich panels and a thermo insulated roof system.

The customer was extremely satisfied with their semi-permanent thermo insulated warehouses, in particular the modular design, speed of installation provided and the overall service from HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings.


By choosing HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings the customer benefited from having two modular warehouse buildings designed specifically for their own site and project requirements.

And, by working with HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings directly as opposed to a supplier, the customer benefited from the most in-depth product knowledge and an end result that combined superior quality and functionality with low pricing.