Warehouse Building Creates Fast On-site Space

Warehouse Building Creates Fast On-site Space
Warehouse Building Creates Fast On-site Space
Warehouse Building Creates Fast On-site Space
  • Building

    L-Series Thermo Insulated Warehouse Building

  • Width


  • Length


  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Thermo Roof System


One of the UK’s leading pest control product suppliers approached HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings when they were considering a temporary warehouse building to solve a short fall in on-site storage space.

To meet an increase in demand for their products and services the company needed extra warehousing space quickly and economically.


  • 20.00m x 30.00m insulated warehouse with a 4.20m eave height
  • 1 x electric steel roller shutter door and 2 x personnel doors
  • 40mm insulated composite steel wall cladding
  • Insulated thermo roof system
  • Internal lighting and external guttering
  • Installation time: 5 days

As they intended to make use of the warehouse for the next five years it was more economical to buy the building outright. Warehouse buildings from HTS can also be hired or leased ensuring that customers have a range of financial options to suit different business circumstances. HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings won the contract due to many reasons, but the client was particularly impressed with their customer service and also the superior German engineering and manufacturing.


  • Crucially the client was able to quickly respond to and capitalise on an increase in demand and business growth.
  • The warehouse cost a fraction of the capital expenditure needed for a traditional building.
  • Although the building was purchased it can still be dismantled, relocated or even sold in future if business needs change.

Despite often being referred to as temporary buildings this can be a bit misleading as warehouse building solutions from HTS are often purchased and used on a permanent basis, always achieving huge cost savings compared to more traditional building methods.

Despite this quality and durability they remain fully demountable and can therefore be easily moved and re-installed for a different use within the company or sold on to a third party.