Temporary Warehouse Installed on Sloping Ground

Temporary Warehouse Installed on Sloping Ground
Temporary Warehouse Installed on Sloping Ground
Temporary Warehouse Installed on Sloping Ground
  • Building

    LT-Series Warehouse

  • Width


  • Length


  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Thermo Insulated


The client who needed temporary warehouse buildings installed onto an area of sloping ground was a global leader in supply chain management and logistics. After securing a large contract with a new client, they required some additional on-site warehousing space at their site in Tamworth, UK.


The client made enquiries with several temporary warehouse companies as well as steel buildings and more traditional permanent builds. Because the new contract required the space to be available quickly, the latter two options were ruled out, leaving temporary warehouse buildings.   

The challenge of the sloping ground proved to be too problematic for most providers, mainly due to the large build area – 2,000 sqm – and the amount of gradient they had to work with – up to 1m at the lowest point.   HTS was, however, able to offer a solution that avoided the expense of a concrete ring beam but still accommodated the extreme gradient. HTS also organised several visits to customer sites so the client could see existing fully operational buildings in-situ.

Final specification

  • 2 warehouses: 20.00m wide x 50.00m long x 6.2m high – gutter linked together to form an area 400.00 sq m wide
  • Thermo Insulated translucent bar tensioned roof covers
  • 40mm composite wall panels in white aluminium
  • 6 x personnel doors
  • 1 x roller shutter door

Installation method

  • Steel inserts were put into the ground to form a level base onto which the temporary warehouse could be fixed down.
  • The base plates of the aluminium frame of the temporary warehouse were then bolted down to the steel inserts.
  • All the specifications and engineering of the warehouse were bespoke to the site and method of installation.
  • The space between the ground and the top of the steel inserts was then filled in with steel panels.
  • Because of the unique installation method and the higher build level at the lowest point of the slope, the install took longer than usual, but the whole building was still complete in two weeks.


Being able to install the temporary warehouse onto the available sloping ground meant the client had the additional space for optimum integration into their existing operation and available in time to facilitate the new contact.   Had the HTS solution to install onto uneven ground been unavailable, the client would have had to consider less suitable alternatives involving much longer lead times.