Storage Warehouses for Heavy Plant Components

Storage Warehouses for Heavy Plant Components
Storage Warehouses for Heavy Plant Components
Storage Warehouses for Heavy Plant Components
  • Building

    L-Series Thermo Insulated Storage Warehouse

  • Width


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  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Thermo Roof System

Requirement for storage warehouses

An existing customer needed a warehouse building solution for the storage of component parts used on their assembly line of heavy plant machinery. Having previously worked with HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings and being experienced in the use of temporary storage warehouses, the client was already familiar with the cost advantages and speed of construction when compared with traditional construction methods.

By sticking with HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings as their chosen supplier the client knew they would get a building that fully complied with local building regulations, required energy efficiencies and site specific snow and wind loadings.


After listening to the requirements and tight deadlines, HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings recommended a robust, attractive, high-quality L-SERIES storage warehouse.

  • 30.00m x 30.00m insulated warehouse
  • 6 personnel door units, 1 x standard roller shutter door units and 2 x instant pass high speed roller doors
  • Unique thermo roof system for insulation properties and temperature control
  • 40mm thermally efficient composite walling
  • Internal lighting
  • Designed, manufactured, delivered and installed within 6 weeks of signed contracts


Working directly with the industry manufacturer of temporary storage warehouses as opposed to a third party the client gained many benefits:

  • Unbeatable product knowledge and accountability
  • Low manufacturer prices
  • Full warranties on product and workmanship
  • Quality trail on all raw materials that fall in line with CE approval along with the finished complete product.