When it comes to temporary building hiring and buying, customers have a wide variety of different needs and budgets. At HTS INDUSTRIAL, we make sure to provide an impressive selection of competitively priced temporary buildings that will suit many applications and many businesses. We want to cater for all potential customers. A range of financing options ensures that you will be able to source the perfect building, no matter your budget. There are plenty of benefits for businesses to be had from using temporary buildings, including cost and flexibility. Choose HTS INDUSTRIAL temporary buildings for sale, lease and hire.

Temporary Building Hire

Hiring is the best option for you if you are not sure about how long you will need the temporary building for. This option provides more flexibility because you can “off-hire” the building at the end of the pre agreed rental period or extend it if you need it for longer. The cost of hire is treated as a business expense for your company, so the total cost of hire can be set against your company’s tax liability for each financial year of the rental period, so the longer the period, the lower the cost per month becomes.

Lease Purchase

This is a great option for when customers’ current business circumstances mean that they cannot afford to pay for the building outright. HTS INDUSTRIAL offers a flexible lease purchase arrangement which allows customers to rent temporary buildings from us for a set amount of time, with a pre-determined cost, payable at the end of the rental period.

Temporary Buildings for Sale

You can choose to buy the temporary building outright from HTS INDUSTRIAL. This gives you full ownership straight away and grants you the option of selling it later on, once you are finished with it. Our temporary buildings are designed to be quick and easy to take down, to then be sold on the open market. HTS INDUSTRIAL can often buy the building back if you cannot find another buyer, ensuring that you do not lose out.

HTS INDUSTRIAL offers versatility and flexibility when it comes to temporary buildings for your business. Discuss your temporary building plans with us and we will be happy to talk it over. If you want any more information on our temporary buildings, then please get in touch with the team and we’ll be glad to help out.