Planning is often required for temporary buildings if they are going to be installed for more than 28 days; there are exceptions however that consider the size and position of the building plus reason for use.


Planning Permission PDF

Download this PDF which contains all the necessary information to guide you through the planning permission process.



HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings can manage your temporary building and warehouse planning permission, working in partnership with our specialist planning consultants.

If you choose to handle a temporary building planning permission application yourself, our technical team will provide you with all the plans and drawings required to support a successful planning application.  

In virtually all cases planning permission will be granted.

Our Planning Permission Service for Temporary Buildings

Working with someone who specialises in planning applications for temporary buildings will help ensure an efficient and timely execution of your project that stays within budget. Closely working with our consultants we will:

  • Fully assess at project commencement if planning is needed.
  • Detect any (unlikely) areas of concern at the onset and rectify.
  • Arrange and confirm all the required fees.
  • Manage the timeframes of the planning submission in relation to the building project.
  • Gather all the information needed for your application including plans and drawings.
  • Complete and submit the application, including the Planning Statement.
  • Provide, throughout the process, any additional information requested by the Council.
  • Handle any unforeseen retrospective applications.

Useful Temporary Building Planning Permission Information:

  • Planning permission will probably be needed if the building is to be installed for more than 28 days.
  • Planning permission is not normally required if the temporary building will be used while you refurbish your existing property
  • Permission is also not required if the building is under 200m² in foot-print size and certain conditions relating to the space from the boundary, height of the building and parking/ turning space are met.
  • Plan ahead – local planning authorities generally take up to eight weeks to determine applications – so submit in good time.
  • When applying for permission, provide as much detail as possible with particular reference to the required timescales.
  • Councils may time-limit the permission for a temporary building to 3 or 5 years, but you can apply to extend this in most cases.

Other Ways We Can Help With Your Planning

Comprehensive generic or site specific structural stability calculations are supplied with all buildings which means they will always meet the UK Building Regulations for both wind (BS6399 part 2 1997) and snow (BS6399 part 3 1988) loadings. Alternatively, we can also provide structural calculations according to the latest Euro-code requirement.

It is important to note that our temporary buildings are manufactured from environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable materials. If required by the planning authority, the building can be supplied with a choice of wall cladding and roof colour options that will blend with the surrounding area.



Temporary Buildings & Warehouses

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Contact the HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings technical support and service team today to answer your questions about planning permission for temporary buildings.